Beethoven in Vienna

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy... Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents" (Beethoven)

Beethoven Rap: Oliver and the 4HRD choir

Paula and
the Ode to joy

Joy, bright spark of divinity, 

Daughter of Elysium, 

Fire-inspired we tread thy sanctuary!

Thy magic power reunites
All that custom has divided;
All people become brothers
Under the sway of thy gentle wings.

Introduction by Little Ludwig

Hello my dear friends … great that you found our interactive website. Have you listened to Olivers Beethoven Rap? Have you seen Paulas interpretation of the Ode to Joy? Isn’t this amazing?

On the next few pages you have the chance to learn more about Ludwig van Beethoven.

What was the historical background? What was his life like? Where did he live and work? The places are introduced by the experts of the 4th class of International Relations of Bergheidengasse. 

You can listen to some of the world’s best orchestras, such as the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Vienna Academy, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra or the 4HRD Orchester of International Relations of Bergheidengasse. You can listen to some of the most exciting interpretations of Beethoven’s wonderful piano works performed by Rudolf Buchbinder, Mikhail Pletnev, Alfred Brendel, Glenn Gould, Claudio Arrau, Igor Levit or Camillo Mairitsch (4hrd). You can try to follow the musical notes in the pieces you listen to.

Letters by Beethoven will be read by Max Lunacek or Arthur Wukovits and finally there will be a great introduction to Beethoven’s 9th symphony by Ines Vögele.

Maybe you want to do the interactive tasks on the following pages.

There are many things to discover about Beethoven in Vienna. Let’s find out!

Little Ludwig is the
Class Mascotte of 4hrd 2020_21
of HLTW13 Bergheidengasse

and a real expert on Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven’s words reported by Elisabeth Brentano 

Beethoven Rap: Oliver Kisgyörgy 4HRD 2020_21

Ode to Joy: Paula Stöckelle, 4hrd 2020_21


Beethovengang, 1190 Vienna (W. Holzheu, 12.08.2020)

Beethovenduck in front of Vienna Museum Pasqualatihouse (W. Holzheu, 12.08.2020)